Council and Public Services

Council and Public Services OfficeThe Council and Public Services Division consists of 27 professional and administrative personnel providing services to the public, Mayor, the Council and its Committees, as well as other City departments and agencies.  The division prepares legally required publication notices including ordinances, and schedules and prepares Council agendas.  More than 15,000 documents a year are transmitted to the division creating more than 3,000 Council files.  All matters are referred to the appropriate committee(s) or Council by the division, while Legislative Assistants prepare Committee agendas, attend Committee meetings, and prepare reports for Council consideration.  Additionally, the division provides Council Clerks and Voting Clerks to all Council meetings recording the actions and is mandated by Charter to accept all claims against the City.

Council Files

Image of Council File Management SystemThe Council File Management System (CFMS) is a tracking system of all legislation considered and/or acted upon by the Los Angeles City Council.  It allows the user to search for Council files by Council file number, keywords, names, phrases or dates.  Users can subscribe to specific Council files to receive updates on referral or Council action.  CFMS users can also search for contracts filed with the City Clerk, Agenda ePackets, items for Council and Committee referral, Journals (minutes) and City Ordinances.

In CFMS, click on the mail iconMail icon to subscribe or unsubscribe to agendas to subscribe to Council file email updates. 

Council Votes

Image of Council Vote Verification SystemThe Council Vote Verification System (CVVS) allows users the ability to see how Council voted on a particular item.  The system has a number of search capabilities including, but not limited to: date, Council District, Councilmember (current and past) and yes and no votes.




File Cabinet with Files of Contracts The City Clerk provides contract numbers and uploads contracts received by the City Clerk's Office.  Copies of those contracts can be accessed here in CFMS.



 Claims and Refunds

Reference Materials and Forms - Pen Signing ContractClaims for damages against the City and claims for refunds from the City must be filed with the City Clerk. Visit the Forms section on this website for further detail on how to fill out the required paperwork.




Congratulations Melinda!

Outstanding Service Award

Congratulations to Melinda Novoa for her outstanding service to the Council and Public Services Division for 2016. Thanks for all you do!