Reference Materials and Forms - Pen Signing Contract

Claims for Damage 

Claims IconPursuant to Charter Section 350 all "claims" for money or damages against the City, or any officer or board of the City, must be filed with the City Clerk within six months for personal injury and one year for property damages after the occurrence from which the damages arose, or after the last item of the account or claim accrued.

If you are having issues with your claim for damages, please call the City Attorney's Office at (213) 978-7050 for assistance.

Claims for Refund

Refund 5000 or lessPursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 22.12 and 22.13 all claims for "refunds" must be filed with the City Clerk within 12 months after the date of payment.


Refund more than 5000   



Naming or Renaming a Community

Advocates seeking to change the name of their community can file a written application and petition to initiate the process to either change a neighborhood name or create one where none previously existed.

PDF iconPolicy for Naming or Renaming a Community

PDF iconApplication and Filing Requirements

PDF iconPetition Forms

After submission of the forms, the Community Naming/Renaming Application and Petitions will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy, and the applicant(s) will be notified whether or not the application has been approved for filing.

Contract Summary Sheet

All contracts attested to, and filed with, the City Clerk's Office must have the accompanying summary sheet.  The required information is entered into the Council File Management System which indexes and provides electronic versions of the contract for viewing at any time.

PDF iconContract Summary Sheet

Special Reward

The City offers individuals up to a $50,000 reward for information on drivers of vehicles that cause death or injury to another person or damage to any property, including a vehicle, where the driver knows that he or she was involved in the accident and failed to perform the requirements of California Vehicle Code Sections 20003 and 20004 if the accident resulted in death or injury to another person, or failed to perform the requirements of California Vehicle Code Section 20002 when the accident resulted in property damage.

PDF iconApplication for Special Reward

Graffiti and Illegal Dumping Reward Application

The City offers up to a $1,000 reward for information resulting in the identification, apprehension and conviction or final adjudication of persons committing the act of graffiti vandalism or illegal dumping.  You must have been involved in the conviction or final adjudication in order to qualifty for the reward for identifying, in whole or in part, those responsible for the act of graffiti or illegal dumping.  Click on the link below for the application and additional details.

Information and Application    Video of reward program