General Information & Resources

BIDS 101BIDS 101: A business improvement district is a geographically defined area within the City of Los Angeles, in which services, activities and programs are paid for through a special assessment which is charged to all members within the district in order to equitably distribute the benefits received and the costs incurred to provide the agreed-upon services, activities and programs. The assessment money is collected by the City or by the County through a special contractual arrangement with the city. Because the assessment funds collected in a given district cannot legally be spent outside of that BID, the City creates a trust fund for each BID, with funds periodically released to support operations.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions: A list of frequently asked questions.

BIDS and Lobbying IconBIDS and Lobbying: A fact sheet with useful information regarding BIDS and Lobbying.

Find a BIDFind a BID: Find contact information for specific Business Improvement Districts throughout the City of Los Angeles. You can also use this link to view an interactive map of citywide BIDs.