Council Committee Meetings

photo of Committee meeting room

City Council members serve on a number of Council Committees, each of which is chaired by a City Councilmember. All Council matters are referred between the Council and Council Committees based on the adopted Council Committee Structure resolution (pdf). 

All Council and Council Committee meetings are open to the public, with the exception of "closed session" meeting items. Members of the public may comment on agenda items either at Council Committee meetings or Council meetings. If public comment on an agenda item is not heard in Committee, an opportunity for public comment will be provided during the Council meeting.


calendar date iconCouncil Committee Meetings Calendar: This calendar provides agendas that have been released for upcoming City Council and Council Committee meetings. The 2021 Council Recess Schedule (pdf) (Council file Number 21-0001) identifies special days and events during which the City Council will not meet.


file folder with document iconCouncil Committee Meeting Agendas, Audio, and CART Transcripts | Audio & Video FAQ: The City provides meeting agendas and audio feeds for all Council Committee meetings from 2009 to the present, and Computer-Aided Real-Time (CART) Transcripts from 2016 to the present.


group of people iconCouncil Committee Assignments and Meeting Times (pdf): Each councilmember serves on a number of Council Committees. Each Council Committee's membership and its meeting dates and times are listed.


email add iconSubscribe to Meeting Agendas and Hot Sheets: Sign up to receive via email Council Committee agendas and "Hot Sheet" Referral Memoranda (detailing when and where Council items are referred). Hot Sheets are also available on the Council File Management System's "Referral/Journal" page.


dollar sign with line graph iconAnnual Budget Materials: The Budget and Finance Committee webpage includes documents related to annual budget deliberations, meeting agendas, video and audio feeds, and Computer-Aided Real-Time (CART) Transcripts.


gavel iconCouncil Rules (pdf): The Council Rules apply to both Council meetings and Council Committee meetings. The Council periodically amends its procedural rules to assist in the orderly conduct of city business consistent with law.


Translation Services
The City Clerk's Office provides translation services for Council and Council Committee meetings only. If you require translation services for one of these meetings, please contact the Council and Public Services Division's Translation Services coordinator at (213) 978-1081 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting you wish to attend. Please specify the language for which you require translation.