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Office of the City Clerk, Administrative Services Division

NC Funding Help Desk
Mayra Puchalski        
Administrative Services Division Chief

Neighborhood Council Funding Program

Melvin Canas
Program Manager
Cheryl Hass
Program Analyst
Janet Hernandez Program Supervisor 213-978-1063
Kathya Romero Accounting Clerk 213-978-1671
Monica Aquino Funding Assistant 213-978-1062
Paola Posada Funding Assistant 213-978-1060
Shawna Dungo Funding Assistant 213-978-1692

Funding Assistant Assignments by City Areas

Region   Funding Representative
North Valley   Paola Posada
South Valley   Paola Posada
Central Area   Monica Aquino
East Area   Monica Aquino
South   Shawna Dungo
West   Shawna Dungo
Harbor   Shawna Dungo